Pertamina Fastron Techno Plus 5W-30: Unleashing Optimum Engine Performance

Pertamina Fastron Techno Plus 5W-30 combines synthetic base stock with advanced additives producing high-performance full synthetic oil for driving performance and engine protection. Developed and produced at a state-of-the-art facility, its exceptional formulation has been engineered to surpass the demands of diverse engines, delivering unparalleled protection, performance, and fuel efficiency across every driving environment.

This advanced synthetic oil is designed and engineered to cater to the latest generation of petrol and diesel engines. With its cutting-edge formulation, it not only meets the demanding requirements of vehicles equipped with after-treatment emissions devices but also guarantees unparalleled performance, even in the most extreme and challenging operating conditions. Experience the ultimate driving experience and unlock your engine’s optimum performance with Pertamina Fastron Techno Plus 5W-30.

Performance Highlights:

Outstanding Oxidation Stability: The oil’s top-notch oxidation stability guarantees consistent and durable performance, making it ideal for varied driving conditions, including stop-start scenarios, heavy traffic, and high-speed cruising.

Enhanced Engine Cleanliness and Wear Protection: Fastron Techno Plus 5W-30 exhibits excellent shear stability, fortified with high-performance additives that result in superior engine cleanliness and ultimate protection against wear and tear.

Low Oil Volatility for Efficiency: The oil’s low volatility ensures minimal oil consumption and optimal lubrication of engine components, promoting efficiency and longevity.

High-Level Performance: Pertamina Fastron Techno Plus 5W-30 meets and exceeds the performance level of API SP/CF, ACEA C3.

About us

Business Automotive Solutions Pty Ltd is a Principal Representative of PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) in Australia. PTPL is a proud official technical partner of Automobili Lamborghini (, collaborating to develop and produce high-quality engine oils to meet demanding racing environments worldwide. Since 2015, PTPL’s product has been proven at the forefront of Squadra Corse’s success, achieving multiple race victories and championship titles together.

PTPL has a wide range of lubricant products produced with state-of-the-art technology and in accordance with globally recognised manufacturer approvals to meet the needs of vehicle engines, including Fastron, Enduro, and Meditran. Pertamina Lubricants has been marketed in over 40 countries and has received various international awards.

Together with PTPL, we support local communities and motorsport by supporting Brad Jones Racing (BJR), which competes in the highest category of Australian motorsport, Supercars. 

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