NG LUBE Series are high quality gas engine oil, which are suitable for spark ignited type engines using natural gas fuel.
NG LUBE Series are designed to have excellent oxidation and nitration stability to prevent deposit formation, corrosion and scuffing and also neutralize acids from combustion process. This lubricant application will give an optimal protection for daily non-stop operating engines.


NG LUBE Series have met API CF, Waukesha and Dresser Rand Category III.


  • Very high resistance against nitration and oxidation
  • Prevent deposit formation in piston groove and undercrown also at combustion chamber
  • Having optimum ash level (0.49 %wt) to prevent wearing out in valve and valve seat, which can cause valve guttering or torching
  • Provide maximum protection against corrosion, wearing out and scuffing
  • Provide maximum protection against spark plug fouling
  • Having low evaporation level and good compatibility with various type of seal


NG LUBE Series can be applied to four stroke engines, either naturally aspirated or turbocharged type such as Caterpillar, Waukesha, Wartsila and Dresser Rand, which are operating as gas gathering rotary compressor, main line compressor station, generator set, co-generator, etc.
NG LUBE Series can also be applied to dual fuel engines; using diesel fuel and natural gas for stationary application.
NG LUBE Series are not recommended for two stroke gas engine.