NG LUBE ASHLESS Series are gas engine lubricant that formulated from high quality base oil (low carbon formation Tendency) with ashless detergent dispersant, antiwear and antioxidant aditives to reduce deposits in engine and exhaust port.


NG LUBE ASHLESS Series meet API CC and the requirements of two stroke gas engine made by Ajax, Clark, Cooper-Bessemer and Fairbanks-Morse engine.


  • Maintain engine cleanliness, intake and exhaust port from deposit formation
  • Prevent ring sticking and deposit formation in piston groove
  • Very effective in preventing wear of piston ring and cylinder liner
  • Having high resistance to oxidation and nitration
  • Prevent pre ignition and spark plug fouling


NG LUBE ASHLESS Series are recommended for all type of two stroke gas engines operating at low and medium speed where low ash or ashless oils are required.

NG LUBE ASHLESS Series are intended for two stroke gas engines naturally aspirated type or turbochargerd type, operating on clean gas.

NG LUBE ASHLESS Series are not recommended to be used in four stroke gas engine.